Types Of Coal Pulverisers In Power Plants

Pulveriser or grinder is a mechanical device popular for crushing different types of materials. Coal pulverization is an important step in power plants. There are plenty of techniques used by pulveriser manufacturers in India for crushing coal into fine material. Let us discuss on different pulverizing techniques and learn how pulveriser manufacturers in India perform it.

Attrition Type

There is rotating table made up of steel material. Coal is poured inside rotating table and it is converted to powdered form due to attrition. Filtration chamber is featured inside to separate large particles from powdered ones. Separated particles are again poured inside rotating table for final process. The most common under this technique is roller mills. Pulveriser manufacturers in India may use different types of roller depends on industry requirements.
  • Low investment costs
  • Smaller capacity but better degree of combustion
  • Maintenance cost is high for this particular technique
  • Suitable for harder coals

Impact and Attrition Types

The most common under this technique is ball mills. Here coal is crushed into finest material due to attrition and impact. Coal is poured from one end and discharged from other.
  • High investment costs than others
  • Less maintenance costs
  • High degree of finest materials
  • Balls usually crash out during operation so they have to be replaced regularly
Impact or Hammer Type

If you want to achieve high grinding index then impact or hammer is most appropriate grinding technique for crushing coal. Hammers should be replaced periodically for most accurate results.
  • Low maintenance and investment costs
  • High grinding index
  • Suitable for soft coal only

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